[ Hong Kong ] 3 days of Local Travel in this interlaced city (Day 2) (2)

Central  cats

The Central Business district of Hong Kong – Central, has the history of trade and financial activities dates back to the British colonial era in 1841. Besides the tall buildings and the crowded people, we saw some street artists because they are legal (unlike Taiwan, you need the licence).  Some of them play the violin, guitar and these kind of special instrument. 🙂 🙂

Ding ding (叮叮), Hong Kong Tramways, it has over 100 years of history and also the best way to travel around the city. Its double-decker trams was my favorite part of this lovely transportation!



The first police station in HK – Central Police Station,was built in 1864. cats

I love randomly walking to an unknown street and to discover their humanity and lifestyles, grocery stores had the smell of pickled dried fish, traditional Chinese antique stores, art galleries…etc.


Afternoon’s Lan Kwai Fong & Pottinger Street.


Lan Kwai Fong used to be dedicated to hawkers before World War 2.  But now it cultivated the culture of chilling, drinking and clubbing. So we decided to check it out in the “afternoon time“. The funny thing is that, it was just as normal as the normal streets in Central. :p



Here’s the “night version” of LKF that we went at the last night, huge differences, right? 🙂


catsMy local Hong Kong friend told me that Pottinger Street is also better known as the Stone Slabs Street. It was rare to have granite stone steps, there’s some restaurants, stores and bars around the street as well.


Dr. Sun Yet-sen Museum is also a worth-visited spot in Central, Hong Kong, Dr. Sun Yet-sen was the founder of  Chinese Republic in 1912, based in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t open when we got there.

More Info. : http://hk.drsunyatsen.museum/


[ Hong Kong ] 3 days of Local Travel in this interlaced city (Day 2) (1)

Street Market in Chai Wan

catsIn the morning, we left Y-Loft Youth Square Hotel. Walk to Johnston Road, we heard people hawking, the smell of seafood, the vendors, the market fulled of vibrant atmosphere. There’s a lot to see…meats, flowers, clothes, toys, home decorations, fresh food, vegetables & fruits…) It was pretty similar to Taiwanese morning market.

Causeway Bay

983845_384744865039466_1752748838430507841_nCauseway Bay is one of the most fanciest places I’ve been to, according to my research, the rent in the shopping areas of Causeway Bay was ranked as the world’s most expensive for the second year in a row, after overtaking New York’s Fifth Avenue in 2012.

pageAs one of Hong Kong’s major shopping districts, you could find bunch of brands, department stores and shopping malls. (model/ Natalie Sung)catsBut actually, visiting Causeway Bay, the main reason why I decided to go into crowded….was because you could also find some traditional Hong Kong houses and lifestyles in this heavily built-up area. Experiencing the feeling of city staggered has always been interesting to me.


[ Hong Kong ] Y-Loft Youth Square Hotel




Y-Loft Youth Square Hotel  is located in Chai Wan Station, just finished few minutes of walk, there’s convenience store (7-11), Starbucks and Malls. There has bus station as well. You could take the minibus 16 M to Stanley Beach and also take other buses to anywhere else in Hong Kong.10421622_384739581706661_1371521719485900977_n

The room that we had have two comfortable single beds, which had free wifi.

This hotel also has lots of facilities, including kitchen, gym, art gallery, restaurants…and more!

You’ll also enjoy the service by friendly hotel staffs.

catsIt is a little bit far from the central city but if you want to experience more traditional Hong Kong people life style, make sure to visit the morning markets and the parks near by Y-Loft Youth Square Hotel .



Website ( Reservations and More Info.) : http://www.agoda.com/y-loft-youth-square/hotel/hong-kong-hk.html?cid=-1&type=2&urltogo=/y-loft-youth-square/hotel/hong-kong-hk.html&cklg=1


[ Taichung ] The Natural Countryside in Zhenping Village, Nantun District

Besides the “Lost Bear“, you would also experience the traditional/ original Taiwanese life style here around Zhenping Village in Nantun District.


Around Zhenping Village, a feeling of taking you back to the 50s of Taiwan.  You would see the traditional fields tunnels for irrigation, the smell of the mud made me recall the memory of going back to my grandpa’s house in Yunlin. You would meet some warm-hearted old residents, if you get lost, don’t forget to ask them for the best information.


catsFebruary is the season of “preparing”, the farmer said that after Chinese New Year, they will start seeding and growing the vaccine. And they said…the reason why the field was wet was because that they have to soak the field to bring out the nutrient from the mud.


pageWe saw the plants were taking care by an enthusiastic grandpa with a gorgeous smile on his face.  We got lost and asked for the information, he got his cheerful way of talk ” go over that way and go across the fields and you’ll find your way”. Now I realize that… I fall in love with the humanity in Taiwan.


catsBut you got to be careful while walking along the fields, because you only got small trails, so make sure don’t take a picture like me while walking on them 🙂

pageThis is how I called “humanity”, you would see people using traditional tools rather than the modern machines, you would see the old couples taking care of each other while walking in the fields, you could see little kids playing around…




If you got lost,don’t worry! There’s maps around you 🙂


Location : 408, Taichung City, Nantun District, Zhenping Village.

Transportation : Bus 26, 54, 70 to Zhenping-Huanzhong Rd. Intersection.


[ Taichung ] Taichung Land Art Festival in Nantun District

Don’t you ever wonder that…you have such a long time didn’t see the rural area in Taichung City. The countryside, the fields, the villages…Maybe we get used to the city for quite a long time, we forgot the beauty of the nature.DSC_0790Time & Date : 1/30/ 2015 ~ 03/29/2015

Location : 408, Taichung City, Nantun District, 鎮和巷

Transportation : Bus 26, 54, 70 to Zhenping-Huanzhong Rd. Intersection.

What is Taichung Land Art Festival for ?

Taichung Land Art Festival is hoping to arise the awareness of protecting the lands, educating the new generation to take attention to the crisis of losing more lands and traditional farmlands by taking away from the government. catsThere’s also some art around the fields, it represent the traditional Taiwan farming culture, the one on the right is Taiwanese Buffalo that used to be working in the farm long time ago before the harvesters replaced them.


This bear is called “Lost Bear” (迷失小熊),  it represents the lost of the lands that got taken by the government. It is also the way of fight against these non-conscience policies.


[ Taichung ] Delicious Soy-Stewed Pork with Rice in Nantun District

Soy-Stewed Pork with Rice has been one of the most famous “market food” in Taiwan,  there’s a cool feature of Taiwanese pig’s knuckle is that it has different parts of pig’s legs and with different flavors, so you could choose whichever part you want!

DSC_0690This vendor is in Nantun Market, 30 years of history, with traditional Taiwanese style of decorations, the smells of soy-stewed pork, let’s dig in!

DSC_0696-tileThe shopkeeper told us that the pork they cooked was all made in the morning.catsThe texture of the pork was soft and a little bit of mushy, the soy smell of the pork suddenly spread all over my mouth when I had my first bit. With the rice and sauerkraut, bringing out more flavor from the pork.



The Location : Lane 193,  Dazhi Road, East District, Taichung City, Taiwan.

Website : http://www.5856.tw/0422968856/

[ Taichung ] 1 Peaceful-Day Trip in Wufeng (3)

Near by 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan, there is a hidden coffee shop right beside it.                                                                                                                                                 10303740_381370492043570_2846091407941557777_n  When you walk in, the bar with red bricks, wooden tables and chairs, cozy sofas with warm atmosphere. You could connect to the outdoor greenery with huge ceiling windows surrounding around.

cats       With the bicycles decorations and the conversations with the boss, I realized that he encourages the young to travel and to explore.


 Cozy sofas with colorful blankets on it sets off the lively atmosphere from the whole coffee shop, enjoying the sunset from the huge ceiling windows. The boss said…..withing different seasons, you could see the sunset from different directions.

10940601_381370435376909_5755267462724255342_nThe chocolate milk that I ordered, it was pretty different from most of the chocolate milks that I had tried, it had more smooth flavor with the cream on the top, the chocolate flavor was not so sweet but a little bit bitter.

Location : 413, Taiwan, Taichung City, Wufeng District, Zhongzheng Road, No. 46.

Website : http://www.dufun.com.tw/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dufun?fref=ts


[ Hong Kong ] 4 days of Local Travel in this interlaced city (Day 1)

The exceptional feeling under the differences between the combination of  the modern and the past…this is how I felt about this city, Hong Kong.


  •  Stanley Bay


You could see this breath-taking view just in front of you after few mins walk from the bus stop.  The clear sky with some traditional Hong Kong style boats on the sea and the offing, With several bars and foreign restaurants with exotic food on the streets,  breeze on your face, why not stroll around the bay and enjoy the moment when the sun gives the warmth to your perfect afternoon?cats


If you are lucky, you may see this famous ice cream car called < Mobile Softee > around the bay.The one I got was Soft Ice Cream, it sure was “soft” enough! It melt in my mouth with the lovely vanilla flavor.You could also pay by “Octopus”. Yummy, cheap and convenient!


    • Murray House

      cats       Murray House was built in 1844 in  Admiralty, Central, Hong Kong during the British rule, but it moved to Stanley during the 2000s. Nowadays, it became one of the most exotic places to enjoy your meals in foreign restaurants and to catch the beautiful view outside the balcony.

      pageMurray House is definitely one of the best places to take photos. We saw lots of  people taking the wedding pictures.

      Blake Pier

      cats    Right next to Murray House, walk along the bay and you would see this Black Pier. With an Edwardian-style, structural steel pavilion built on top and the breath-taking sea view for the travelers.


      cats After strolling around the bay, we went to Stanley Market (bottom left), it’s one of the must-seeing attractions. It’s an interesting  small streets selling art, exotic clothes, jewellery, souvenirs, fabrics and much more.

      How to get there?

       1. Buses from Exchange Square bus terminus in Central :  bus 6, 6A, 6X , 66 or 260

      2. Take the MTR to Chai Wan station, leave the station via Exit C and catch green minibus 16M.10359502_384739761706643_7603083095145309827_n

[Taichung] 1 Peaceful-Day Trip in Wufeng (2)

  • 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan


Besides Guangfu New Village, just within few minutes of walk, you would see this 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan.

During September 21st, 1999, Taiwan occurred an extremely destructive earthquake,  the most destructive part was the central of Taiwan.

10906221_381369342043685_8648522849895715215_nThis used to be an elementary school called Guangfu, but now…after it got destroyed…it became a museum. It tells the story behind this excruciation of Taiwan. 10933794_381369238710362_6543338093084863621_n


The train’s track was bent by the earthquake so you could see how destroyable it was.

Location : No. 46, Zhongzheng Road, Wufeng District
Taichung City, Taiwan 413

[Taichung] 1 Peaceful-Day Trip in Wufeng (1)

  • Guangfu New Village


During the normal days, would you like to take an easy and relaxing trip just to explore and experience the old-empty village in Taichung City? The combination of art and the peacefulness, welcome to Guangfu New Village in Wufeng.

The History:

Guangfu in Chinese means “restoration”, the history of Guangfu New Village can date back to 1950s, when Government of the Republic of China moved from China to Taiwan, in case of the destruction of the war, they moved Taiwan Provincial Government to the central of Taiwan. Guangfu Village was the first new town after WW2 that was built in Wufeng, Taichung.10527895_381363342044285_1010613155071557666_n

The reason why the village is almost empty now is because that during 2005, the government notified the relocation, most of the residents moved out. Only few of the residents stayed.

Nowadays, the Taichung Government put some element of art into this retro style village. It became a good place for family and friends to explore and enjoy the afternoon of the weekends.




Walking in the village, you’d get amazed by the greenery and the retro atmosphere. You would see a lot of old traditional houses, most of them are empty so you could knock the door first to make sure if there has anyone there then to check it out .
pageBesides the breath-taking view, you could also find out some artistic elements in the village. In order to retain the culture and to activate the village again, Taichung Government invited some artists to decorate the village. These chairs with vibrant colors and paintings make the whole village alive again!


Within about few minutes of walks, you would discover these buildings with the scene of creating, paintings on the stairs with greenery. You could feel like going back to 50s but also feel the art from the new generations.






An empty-old house covered with thorns, with the red traditional door and the fences in disorder.

The history of the earthquake was scared enough to drive away the residents.


How to get there?  Take the bus 100 from Taichung Train Station to Guangfu Community Station.

The Address : Guangfu Village, Wufeng District, Taichung City, Taiwan 413.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/knfuture/timeline